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Date Like a PhD:

Learn the Science of Love.

IMAGINE . . . 

You have one date tonight and one on Friday, and are going into both feeling optimistic. You’ve already had a phone call with each guy, and you’re using your new process for vetting your matches your dating coach (me!) gave you. As you reach for your keys on your way out the door, you realise that you’re smiling. At long last, you’re confident that you won’t be wasting your time. 




  • It’s late September. The trees are changing from green to gold, and the nights are getting frosty. This year, as you plan your trip home for Thanksgiving, you’re excited for your family to meet your new partner. You just KNOW that your parents are totally going to LOVE them — after all, they treat you SO well, and you can say with absolute certainty that this is your healthiest relationship ever.

  • It’s a Saturday in September, 2025. Your mom just threw you and your sister a joint a baby shower, and you must have gotten at least 12 pairs of pink baby socks. She’s over the moon that she’s going to have more grandchildren; you’re thrilled to finally be pregnant at the same time as your sister, who already has a two and a four-year old at home. As you brush cake crumbs and confetti off of your sofa and snuggle down next to your husband, you beam and realise that this is the life you’d hoped and wished for — and you’re living it.

  • You’re a year into your new relationship — your first healthy relationship in, like, maybe ever . . . ? It’s so weird how RESTFUL it feels to be around your partner — it’s a new feeling. When you hug them, you just feel fully relaxed. Even the smell of their hair is enough to stop your heart from pounding, which is admittedly kind of weird. It’s like being in love with a shampoo bottle. Your sister says that it’s probably the pheromones.

This is what's possible for you inside of Date Like a PhD: Learn the Science of Love, my 3-month hybrid program of customised small group coaching and 1:1 consulting to put you back in the driver’s seat of your love life.

Date Like a PhD is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a woman who is ready to revolutionise your love life, and you want a science-based plan of action for doing that.

  • You’re stepping into big moves in your love life, and you want to be supported by a dating plan that gives you the step-by-step process to achieve your goals.

  • You value a behavioural and relationship science approach to dating.

  • You want my support with implementing your plan, and accountability to help you to stay on track.

  • You’re self-motivated, and have a “project” you want to work on coming into the container — a clear topic/problem/concern you want support with.

  • You’re excited to grow in a supportive community of like-minded women who will cheer you on and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.

Themes we'll be focusing on inside:


This program is entirely customised to support you in what you bring to it. But you can count on us covering the following things:

  • Healthy Relationships: Our goal, always.

  • Dating Strategy: Create a tangible plan for taking action in your love life, based around relationship science.

  • Behavioural & Relationship Science: My methodology is grounded in the science of what works in dating.

  • Consistency & Accountability: One of the biggest themes of my coaching work is how important it is to be CONSISTENT with whatever dating strategy you choose. This program is designed to help you to stay consistent and provide support as you implement the plan of action we’ve built for you.

  • Personal Power: How do we anchor into and access our personal power in dating? Do we have sabotage patterns? Do we have trouble staying consistent? Do we doubt ourselves? Do we start getting derailed by limiting beliefs around how dating has gone for us in the past? We’ll be talking about alllll of this inside of the program.

Inside you'll get:

This is a very intentional, intimate group coaching container that takes place in a very small, intimate group setting. You’ll get as much hands-on, personalised support and attention as you want and ask me for.
  • A 90-minute 1:1 strategy session call with me where we hammer out a completely customized dating plan for you based on behavioural science and optimised to give you a yellow brick road to your dating dreams.

  • A detailed PDF of the tailored-to-you plan (and next steps!) we created on our call so you can plug-and-play right away.

  • 3 months of customised coaching and support from me so that you can accomplish your dating goals fast and fully supported.

  • 6 bi-weekly "hot seat" group coaching calls for personalized coaching from me.

  • On-the-spot dating support in your back pocket between sessions, via a private Facebook community, to make sure that you’re fully supported anytime, anywhere.

“TL; DR: Chelsey was absolutely amazing. I went from having 0 date to 20+, met (and kept) my dream boyfriend, and we're getting married soon!"

Lene, client, via Google reviews

The Down and Dirty

How does the program work?

Who it's for:

Date Like a PhD is for you if you have something very specific that you want to work on in your love life. We start off the program by having a deep dive, intensive, 90-minute session to map out your dating strategy. I’ll even send you a form prior to our meeting to get really specific around what you want support with and what you want to accomplish, so that we can really dive in during our session and create a plan perfectly tailored to YOU and the result you want to achieve.

On-the-spot support:

In Date Like a PhD, you'll get 3 months of customised coaching and support from me via 6 bi-weekly group coaching calls so that you can accomplish your dating goals fast and fully supported.​


We’ll also have a private Facebook group (for JUST the women in the program!) where you can contact me outside of our scheduled meetings for on-the-spot support. So you’ll be fully supported during the duration of the container.

Support group of likeminded women:

Your environment is a huge contributor to your success. If you have people constantly detracting from your success, you aren’t going to be able to get your mindset into the right place as easily, and you’ll get dragged down. In Date Like a PhD, you’ll have a group of women supporting and cheering you on through your growth, your journey, and ultimately, your success.

Consistency & Accountability:

If you can struggle to stay consistent when you date without ongoing help, then allow me to introduce myself.


Hi. I’m Ongoing Help. 😉

  • The available research on habit formation tends to agree that it takes about 90 days to form a habit that sticks. For that reason, I’ve made Date Like a PhD just over 90 days, so that we can really solidly ground you in your new behaviours, beliefs, and habits and set you up for dating success.

  • I’ll be here to support you through 3 months of consistent, focused action. 

  • In the program, you’ll also get a personal dating support team to cheer you on and to hold you accountable to achieving your goals AND you'll get me in your back pocket to support you and to troubleshoot any rough patches.

The "best-laid plans" factor:

I like to tell my clients that we can craft a beautiful plan that will help you achieve your dating goals, AND sometimes our mindsets can sabotage our best-laid plans. 

  • If you don’t believe that you’re worthy of the partner you want, or if you don’t believe deep down that your dating life CAN change, or if you tend to get discouraged and then to avoid taking action, this program is for you. 

  • You will have my ongoing support and unlimited hands-on time to help you to work through anything that comes up for you around your mindset so that you can stay consistent with your plan and achieve your goals. 

  • That means that any emotional hurdles that come up as you’re dating — like if you know that you tend to struggle with rejection, or disappointment, or feel discouraged and frustrated when you date — we can work through together.

Your Burning Questions, Answered:

How does the program work?
  1. You’ll kickstart your time in Date Like a PhD by filling out an application. Then, we’ll organise a private 90 minute Dating Strategy Session where we’ll develop a customised dating strategy, just for you, around the dating topic or area that you want coaching around during our time together.

  2. Every two weeks, we’ll have a group coaching call where you can bring your dating questions, struggles and want-feedback-on-problems to me, and I will coach you through them. You’ll also hear other women from the program share their struggles as well, and be able to benefit from the coaching and feedback I give them.

  3. In between group coaching calls, you’ll have as much access as you want to me via a private  Facebook group for unlimited coaching to keep you on track. You’ll have direct access to me to get mindset shifts, coaching support, help you through fears and limiting beliefs that come up, and answer questions. Consider this a group chat with me + your dating support squad who is ready to cheer you on when you go on a date, text that new cutie you’ve been crushing on, or need a little support while you’re learning to trust somebody new. We got you.

  4. All of this is designed to get you dating confidently, calmly, and effectively, so that you can leapfrog over milestones on the way to meeting the love of your life.

What do we do in the strategy session?

  1. The 90-minute 1:1 strategy session at the beginning of the program is designed to map out a custom, behavioural science-based dating plan directed towards the individual goals YOU bring to the program. So if you want to streamline your dating process to avoid red flags, we’ll create a science-backed plan to do that. If you’re looking to work on your anxious attachment style, we’ll create a plan to do that. If you’re looking to work through learning how to trust a new romantic partner again, I’ll take you through the evidence-backed framework on how trust is built, and then create a custom plan just for you with next steps that you can take during our time together to help you build more trusting connections.

  2. Unlike my standard strategy sessions, which tend to be quick-wins based, the strategy session in this program can be used to map out a plan of study for diving into some of the emotional and mindset parts of dating work as well. 

Who will Date Like a PhD work best for?

  1. This program is designed to work very similarly to a graduate-level seminar in academia: it’s designed around a focused, customised program of study organised around 1-2 topics.

  2. The person who this is for is also similar to a graduate student (of their dating lives!): They have an idea of what they need to work on, and a clear topic/problem/concern they’re trying to solve. And they want support from a dating expert and coach while doing it.

  3. They also want a support group to hold them accountable and more tools in their toolkit to solve their problem.

  4. The program is a great step for women who want ongoing support in their love lives, and also for women who have previously done a strategy session with me and want a next step, but aren’t ready to fully dive into 1:1 coaching work with me.

What’s the enrolment process like?

  1. First, you apply. 

  2. Then, if you’ve never worked with me before, we have a 30-minute call to talk about who you are and what you want to get out of the program. 

  3. Next, I’ll decide if you’re a fit for the program or not.

  4. Last, if you’re accepted, you’ll get a welcome packet with program details and your onboarding materials.

  5. We start in July.

Why did you choose 3 months as the length of the program?

  1. The available research on habit formation tends to agree that it takes about 90 days to form a habit that sticks. For that reason, I’ve made this program just over 90 days, so that we can really solidly ground you in your new behaviours, beliefs, and habits and set you up for dating success.

  2. Moreover, as you’ll be getting a custom dating strategy from me as your first step in the program, strategy takes time to implement and to start working —  typically, we won’t know if a dating strategy is “working” for us or not until a couple of months into doing it consistently. For that reason, I’ll be here to support you through not just the process of creating your dating strategy, but also through the process of implementation and carrying it through.

How is this program different than your Dating Strategy Sessions?

  1. My Dating Strategy Sessions are designed to be actionable, one-time intensive sessions that create movement and forward motion for you in your love life. They’re perfect for you if you’re looking for a science-based dating strategy that will teach you to either cut through the clutter on dating apps or how to meet your partner in-person, no apps required. They’re for the person who already knows that their mindset, consistency, and inner work game is on point, and who just wants a plan of action to move forward.

  2. Similarly, Date Like a PhD is also for the dater who is driven and self-motivated, but it’s additionally for the dater who’s seeking ongoing support around implementation of their dating strategy, as well as the emotional and the mindset aspects of dating. During Date Like a PhD, you’ll BOTH have bi-weekly group coaching calls with me to support you with the area that you're working on in the program, AND you'll have me in your back pocket for ongoing support to help you troubleshoot any issues as they come up during the course of the program. Also, unlike my Dating Strategy Sessions, which tend to be quick-wins based, the 90-minute session you have with me during Date Like a PhD can be used to map out a plan of study for diving into the emotional and mindset parts of dating as well.

4-figures is a lot of money for me. Is the program really worth that kind of an investment?

  1. At some point, we need to weigh the cost of NOT getting the results we want with the cost of investing to make the relationship we want happen.

  2. Do we want to keep spending money on dates, childcare, dating apps, and on singles events without results? Do we have a timeline to find a partner and to start a family that’s important to us? Is the emotional cost on waiting for love to “just happen” weighing on us? Is dating costing us time and energy — time and energy spent on swiping, on dead-end relationships with emotionally unavailable people, on commuting, and on dates — that we don’t have?

  3. The average dater spends $69 on a first date. If you pay for 4 dates a month, that’s $3312 over the course of a year. Investing in dating coaching means that you’ll be able to stop dating sooner.

  4. Moreover, making a financial investment in your dating life means that you’re considerably more likely to take your dating life seriously and implement the plan I give you. If free and low-cost hasn’t been working for you, it may be time to try putting some skin into the game by investing in your dating success.

Is Date Like a PhD appropriate for women of different age groups?

  1. There IS a very different experience of dating at every age, and this question absolutely deserves to be acknowledged.

  2. My 1:1 clients are in all different stages of life  I have clients in their 30s looking to get married for the first time and start families; I also have clients in their 40s and 50s, often post-divorce, looking to close one chapter and start a new one; I also have clients in their 60s and 70s (and I help both my 72 year old mother with dating, as well as my partner's 67-year-old uncle!) whose spouses have died, and who are looking to create something beautiful out of the life they have right now.

  3. The coaching I give to my clients is based not on my own experiences with dating (although if something applies, I'm happy to throw it in there!) but instead around what behavioural and relationship science says about dating, as well as on the experiences of my clients in a similar demographic. In order to serve my clients in each of their unique experiences, it's very important to me not to force any of my clients to match their experiences to fit the data. Instead, I look at how the data fits my clients and their unique circumstances, ages, and life experiences.

Kick off the summer, one of the busiest dating periods of the year, fully supported. Together, let's bring your dating dreams to life.

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