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Sometimes Butterflies Are an Escape.

Sometimes butterflies are an escape.

Sometimes, when our cup isn't feeling very full, we look to love to fill it.

When that happens, we may fill our cup with a person, and our fantasy of who that person can be to and for us.

If our life doesn't currently feel fulfilling or expansive on its own, dating and relationships may feel like an escape.

Love, and especially new love, does have a way of sweeping us into a new realm of desire and enchantment and possibility and the not-yet (and therefore, the could-be-anything).

I think that this is part of what makes love — and especially new love — beautiful — is it's ability to help us to transcend ourselves and to experience something new and vibrant.

I don't want you to lose that — love feels meaningful because it does bring us meaning, and it feels expansive because there IS expansion in introducing ourselves into the life of another.

But. I also want you to notice where putting yourself into someone else's world is a distraction from tending to your own, and where looking for meaning in the "new" may take you away from paying attention to what may be confronting in the "now."

Can you both cultivate your own garden and enjoy the gardens of others? Can you both enjoy the transcendence and refreshment you get from your connections with other people and cultivate a life for yourself that doesn't demand constant escape?

Is there a way for you to bring more expansion and vitality to your life, while staying present to what you're currently experiencing?

This is how we live life more fully — by choosing to equally be present to our vulnerability and by choosing to live with receptivity, passion, and expansion.

I want that for you.


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